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Having never been to a weight loss clinic before I didnt know what to expect the first time I visited BeLite. My starting weight was somewhere around 250 and is now about 210 after almost a year of treatment. I have an insulin issue that makes weight loss much harder and time consuming for me but have maintained a steady decline with them which is not always possible on my own. The staff that works with me is always both realistic and positive about where I am and where I'm headed in my weight loss journey.

The office is not hard to find but tucked away in a cute little office park, which I'm sure is nice if you are a client seeking discretion. I always show up right before my appointment time and never wait long. I've never felt judged by any staff member or client. I've never had a bad experience here, the staff seems to get know you, and I've never waited long for my appointment. I'm really glad I have all their support behind me to aid me in my journey. I totally recommend them!


To whom it may concern:
I came to Be-Lite Medical Center in 2010 weighing 318 lbs. I tried various methods to lose the weight, couldn't get anything to work. When released from care at the end of 2012, I weighed 174lbs., nine pounds from my goal. The program worked for me.


 Nearly 500 lbs. I was overwhelmed, just about sedentary 24 hrs. per day.   I decided to call up Dr. Rothman @ Belite for a try at weight loss, as I felt saddened to be almost at half a ton.   Appointment made for less than a week later and when the day came I struggled to make it in however determination was felt and the goal achieved.   I completed the visit and felt joyful as I knew change was near!   First month check in weight down 22 lbs.   Second month check in down more; from then till now I have changed my attitude.   I now have lost 60 lbs and have gained hope as I know although the road may be long I am on it, moving along, and making progress to become more comfortable and a healthy weight.   Thanks Belite! I am able to walk, stand for more than just 2-3 min and I am able to recommend Belite to anyone else whom I know is struggling with weight loss. 


 My name is Keta and one of my goals are to live a healthy life.   My family history is plagued with obesity and I am determined to maintain a healthy body weight.   The be-lite program has helped me maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI) and gives me that extra boost that I need.   The staff have been wonderful and it is a great environment. 


I struggled to lose the last 30 pounds after having my second child.   I was working out and even tried Weight Watchers with some success but got in a rut.   As a nurse and mother of two I tended to grab fast food a lot or eat the same foods as my children.   Be Lite has given me my pre-baby body back!   After 2 months I have lost 24 pounds and feel fantastic!   I have the energy now to work out 4 days a week and don’t crave all of the bad foods I felt I couldn’t live without.   My co-workers and friends are so amazed at my transformation.   I have been recommending Be Lite to everyone!   The staff has been amazing and the plan is manageable for any lifestyle.   Thank you Be Lite for changing my life!


 I have been doing the maintenance plan for over one year; I am so pleased with my long term results – and steady, healthy weight! I feel like my 5 week follow-ups help keep me on track!  I keep coming back because the staff is friendly.


I am writing this testimonial for BeLite Center.   Using my first name will be fine.   I am so glad that my friend referred me to BeLite.   It is a great way to change your life and lose weight.   Taking the pills made the losing process so much easier and helped me eat only three meals a day and choose healthier options as well.  When I started I weighed myself and then did not weigh myself until I finished a month.   I was very pleased with how much I lost.   Even without weighing myself I could tell that I lost weight because my pants started to fit better and I noticed how my body got smaller   I really recommend BeLite as a way to lose weight and achieve your weight goal.   You only have to take these pills and eat whatever healthy food you want, how awesome is that!!  I love BeLite.


I began coming to the Be-Lite about a year ago, and although I’ve always been uncomfortable thinking about my weight with doctors, the staff members here are so supportive that they always put me at ease. Now, I am only 10 pounds away from my goal weight.   I feel so much healthier and have more energy.   As a single mom of two children as well as a middle school teacher- that’s extremely important!

Thanks Be-Lite!

"Christina G."

Don’t wait any longer!   Start your journey to the healthy happy person you want to be!!  BeLite has been such a blessing!  Not only have I lost weight, but they keep me motivated!! Everyone who works  at BeLite greets you with a smile and always makes me feel welcomed.  They remember my name as well!  Summertime is on its way so what are you waiting for?  BeLite is a wonderful place to go as long as you follow what they tell you to do as far as the program and what medications you will be taking, followed with drinking lots of water and exercising regularly.  You will make it!   Set a goal for yourself, follow thru and let the nice professionals at BeLite help you today.  I’m a very nervous shy person and I actually look forward to my visits ! Don’t be afraid, try something new, invest in yourself and invest in BeLite!!!!  GOOD LUCK!!!

"Gregory L."

I want to proudly endorse the Belite Medical Center of Fairfax, Va.   I have been a client for over ten years.   The entire staff is both professional and courteous.   Consultations are one on one, and individual concerns and desires are made part of an overall plan to accomplish your goals. Appointments are considerably short once you’ve had an initial evaluation, including blood pressure check, pulse check, heart rate check, and an EKG if appropriate.   Dr. Rothman, the Belite Director, keeps patients informed about their progress and any new medical advances that may be applicable to patients.  I live in Greenbelt, MD and I love the convenience of setting Saturday morning appointments---when traffic is lighter!  I recommend Belite Medical Center for anyone desiring to have a healthier lifestyle and an outward appearance that expressed the “real” you!


I couldn’t be happier!   Only my second visit back and my results are incredible!   I have lost 9 lbs!  After trying to do all the “right” things on my own, watching my diet, exercising when I could, nothing was really working.   With BeLite’s direction and help, I am finally seeing results.   The wonderful staff actually detected a small medical problem that was brought to my attention, and I was able to have it taken care of before it became a big problem.  Forever grateful!


I joined Belite after my friend, who is a very experienced personal trainer, suggested that I try.   Although at first, I was not too sure if it was going to work, after trying it for a month, I lost 10 pounds!   Now, finishing up my first year with Belite, I have lost over 30 pounds with the help of Belite and the amazing, encouraging staff of Belite.   I recommended them to my best friend, who has also lost nearly 15 pounds within the 6 months she worked with Belite.   I am so grateful I have worked with Belite.


The most satisfying aspect of participating in BeLite’s program is the genuine patient care and concern.  I have lost more than 30 pounds, and I feel more energetic, attractive and healthier than ever! Thank you for your attention to your clients’ overall health.   I would (and have) recommended BeLite to my friends.   BeLite puts patient safety first. 


Belite is helping me lose the last 15 stubborn pounds.   I have been actively watching my weight for over 2 years now, but that last 15 is very hard.   I am almost there thanks to BeLite.   Since I joined Belite, I have never gained any lost weight back. 


Since starting the Belite program, I have transformed into an entirely different person. To date I’ve lost roughly 25-30 lbs. and I feel great!!!   My friends all notice my weight loss, which gives me even more of a drive and not to mention that my love life plateaued. I would recommend Belite to anyone struggling with weight loss.  

P.S. the staff here at Belite are wonderful as well; makes you feel like family when you’re here.


My name is Nicolle.  I started coming to BeLite medical center during a very difficult time in my life, when me losing weight on my own was extremely difficult.   The counseling, knowledge transfer regarding nutrition, and my health helped me to be very successful in my weight loss journey.   Every step of the way, the doctors and staff have taken very good care of me and encouraged me to change my life style and eating habits so the transformation would be a permanent, healthy, life-changing experience. I came to Belite after I fell off the healthy wagon, weighing over 180 lbs.  Through counseling with BeLite doctors and staff, a healthy diet plan (which is not really a diet but just healthy eating) and exercise, I have lost almost 20 pounds in almost 2 months. I love BeLite Medical Center!!!  It’s a healthy way to help you with your weight loss journey and be successful. 


I’m so glad that I found Belite.   I was struggling with my weight and the Belite Staff was so knowledgeable and caring with me.   I have lost a lot of weight and I’m so happy with the results!  

"Myrna M."

BeLite has been on of the Best Weight Loss & Management Programs that I have experienced! Besides the obvious weight-loss from following the easy-to-adhere program, I think the Best added benefit is the incredible, professional staff. The administrative staff are always friendly, cordial, positive and motivational. They are always on top of their game. The licensed personnel are a true god-send!  They always make you feel welcomed and they are active-listeners.  You can feel their Sincerity and loyality to your Specific Needs.  I am especially pleased about the monitoring of your heart, blood pressure and pulse rate. They too are very supportive and Constantly Cheer you on! I am particularly drawn to Sandy, the Nurse Practitioner.  She is the very best in her professional attitude and Beautiful Personality!

Thank you BeLite ……for Everything!

"Wanda M."

Over the years, and more recently as I hit menopause, I have had difficulty with weight loss.  Be-Lite has made it possible for me to lose weight and has educated me in the process.   The staff is always upbeat, friendly and very helpful. “Thank you Be-Lite”

"Barbara L."

I have always been treated with the utmost respect at this office and have had wonderful success with weight loss here. The program is excellent and the staff is wonderful.  


Be-Lite is very helpful.   Personnel are all very nice and I have lost 18 pounds.


Be-Lite has been a lifesaver. I have lost over 20 pounds using the product after giving birth to my first child. I had gained over 50 pounds during my pregnancy.


Since coming to Be-Lite I have dropped 20 pounds and working with Sandy has been wonderful. Here support and guidance has made my weight loss journey so much easier. “Team Sandy!”


I am a mother of 5 and work part-time.  I am down over 40 pounds since starting at Be lite. The diet works! Cost is very affordable. I love having the monthly check-ins, the convenience of the on-site pharmacy, and the friendly staff. I have nothing but positive comments about Be lite, the support is amazing; it helps my confidence in myself as I work to lose the weight. 


I have been a patient here for a while now. I can testify it works; I have lost over 30 pounds after giving birth. I kept it off for a long time. Of course, you have to incorporate a good diet, and exercise. I just feel like I’m more chemically balanced. I have been using the service on and off, meaning I come back for the maintenance program. It is a good way to fine tune your body each month. I have tried all the diets on the market, off the market. Yet, having a doctor/nurse practitioner over your shoulders is a secure, safe way to reach your goals.

"Crystal M."

I’m finally making progress toward my goal.   It really takes a comprehensive approach.   Dietary counseling, exercise and medications to help beat the cravings.   Last time I came my counselor told me about fitnesspal.   What a great way to gain control of my eating!

"Mary R."

I have been doing the maintenance plan for over one year! I am so pleased with my long-term results and steady and healthy weight! I feel like my five-week follow ups help keep me on track! I keep coming back because the staff is friendly.


My name is Keta, and one of my goals is to live a healthy life. My family history is plagued with obesity, and I am determined to maintain a healthy body weight. The BeLite program has helped me maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and gives me that extra boost that I need. The staff has been wonderful, and it is a great environment.

"Kelly N."

I struggled to lose the last 30 pounds after having my second child. I was working out and even tried Weight Watchers with some success but got in a rut. As a nurse and mother of two, I tended to grab fast food a lot or eat the same foods as my children. BeLite has given me my pre-baby body back! After 2 months I have lost 24 pounds and feel fantastic! I have the energy now to work out 4 days a week and don't crave all the bad foods I felt that I couldn't live without. My co-workers and friends are so amazed at my transformation. I have been recommending BeLite to everyone! The staff had been amazing and the plan is manageable for any lifestyle. Thank you BeLite for changing my life!


Nearly 500 pounds, I was overwhelmed and just about sedentary 24 hours per day. I decided to call up Dr. Rothman at BeLite for a try at weight loss, as I felt saddened to be almost at half a ton. My appointment was made for less than a week later, and when the day came, I struggled to make it in. However, determination was felt and the goal achieved. I completed the visit and felt joyful as I knew change was near! The first month my check in weight was down 22 pounds. The second month check in, I was down more, and from then until now, I have changed my attitude. I now have lost 60 pounds and have gained hope. I know that although the road may be long, I am on it, moving along, and making progress to become a more comfortable and healthy weight. Thanks to BeLite I am able to walk, stand for more than just 2-3 minutes, and I am able to recommend BeLite to anyone else who I know is struggling with weight loss.


Before 30 pounds lighter

I have had problems with arthritis since my teen years. However, at 50, I was also diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and Degenerative Disk Disease. I had always lead a very active life; but as the pain in my back and spine increased and moved into my hips, the things I had always lived for (water skiing, riding my Harley, and golfing) were no longer enjoyable. Naturally, the less one does, the more one retains and the more one retains, the more one gains! This can be a very self-promoting and vicious circle. After 18 months of "doing nothing" I had become heavier than at any previous time in my life and I was absolutely and totally disgusted with myself. I accepted a promotion, which required me to move to an area with four seasons. I soon realized my back and joint pain continued to increase with the extra weight and cold weather. I finally reached the point where I had enough! I called and spoke with a Be-Lite representative and made an appointment that day. Going to the weight loss center was not at all what I had expected, in fact it was an enjoyable experience. Every one was extremely pleasant and went out of their way to make me comfortable. Honestly, I felt better about "me" after my first visit. Within a week, I noticed that my energy level was greater than it had been in the last 2 years. I began going to the gym regularly and the weight began to come off. With the loss of each pound, my back, hip and spine pain began to decrease. Don't get the wrong impression; this plan is not a cure for whatever ails you. I still have Degenerative Disk Disease, Spinal Stenosis, arthritis and various other pains that come with age, but with 30 pounds less "ME" I am again enjoying my life and I am happy to be me. I can walk and outlast many younger than me, I can do a lot more but here is the best part - I can do it all with a lot less pain! The Be-Lite weight loss center staff offers counseling and a wide range of healthy programs to help you lose weight. The most valuable for me, has been their encouragement. With each visit, I continue to be impressed by their personal touch and sense of caring. This has been an amazing and rewarding experience. I recommend Be-Lite for anyone serious about losing weight. By the way, I haven't been hungry the entire time!


In January 2002 I had got up to 204 lbs and I knew I had to do something. I just had my cast taken off in December from an injury at my job and to my surprise I had gained 30 lbs. I could not fit in any of my clothes, I had to wear sweat pants. I knew I was overweight before my ast, but I never did anything about it. So, I opened the phone book up and started calling places. I knew I needed help and couldn't do it alone. I came across BeLite Medical Center and called them. Their program sounded great, so I made an appointment.  I weighed in at 204, I received a full check-up to be sure I was OK. I met with Shelly and she was great, she seemed to understand my pain to be thin. Shelly explained the program to me and told me I would be taking medicine to curb my feeling for constant hunger and I would see her in a week to make sure everything was OK. Well I lost 11 pounds in my first week and continued to loose from then on. I think this program is great. I don't feel hungry all the time. I'm more energetic because the weight is coming off. Most of all I feel great as a person.


I've always battled my weight, since my mid-twenties. I've tried many diets including the Zone, Atkins, Jenny Craig and just plain healthy eating without appetite suppressants. The weight was lost with these but came back easily. I decided in July 2003 to try BeLite Medical Center when my weight ballooned to 204 pounds. I felt horrible at this weight. I was wearing a size 14, felt lethargic and even a little depressed. I really hated getting my picture taken because the camera added even more weight. After starting the medication at BeLite I began to notice changes in my appetite right away. I felt less hungry and my cravings for sweet, Fatty foods were well under control. I ate healthier, balanced meals and the weight cam off painlessly. In early December 2003 I made my goal of 135 lbs (size 9-10). I'm much happier and feel great! Thank you to the weight loss center staff at BeLite.


BeLite Medical Center really made a difference in allowing me to control my appetite so I could lose weight. As I was losing weight, it became easier and easier to exercise, so the weight came off that much faster. The staff at BeLite is extremely helpful and they obviously care about the patients' progress. They listen, offer suggestions, and are willing to do whatever they can to help you lose weight. The best part though is dropping dress sizes.


While I have never been obese, I have struggled with weight fluctuations and yo-yo dieting for most of my adult life. I spent an unhealthy amount of time and energy thinking (obsessing!) about food - what was I going to "eat" when, would this be a "good" day or a "bad" day, feeling guilty about something I had eaten..and on and on.

Last year, I could feel that I was once again gaining weight. I was squeezing in to my largest clothes, and becoming increasingly depressed. When summer came I felt embarrassed to take my child to the pool because I had to wear a bathing suit. When I ran into someone I hadn't seen in a while, I felt as though they must surely be thinking - "Wow! Look how big she's gotten!"

When I finally got the courage to step on the scale in August, I was shocked to see that I was 150 pounds - I weighed that when I was seven months pregnant! On my 5'2" frame, this was just too much.

I came to BeLite and found the help that I needed. I lost ten pounds in the first month and it was effortless. I have continued to lose and am now closer to high-school weight than pregnancy weight. The staff at BeLite has been encouraging and supportive. I feel so much better and I could not have done it without this weight loss center. I am a person with no willpower and a propensity for emotional eating - so if I can do it, anyone can do it!


I have had a weight problem all my life, and tried every known diet. When I was a young girl I remember a doctor prescribing lots of pills - multi-colored pills, lots of them.

With BeLite, I feel that my physical condition is considered, the medication does not make me feel wired, and I've lost weight. Unfortunately, the past two years I've had lots of stress - almost lost my father, lost a nephew, etc. So, my exercise regimen had diminished. BeLite helps me with the support of its weight loss center staff to get active again.