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Northern Virginia Weight Loss Program

Fairfax, VA (703) 359-9200

The BeLite Healthy Diet and Weight Loss Plan

Many of our patients are veterans of other diet programs and come to us because they've heard of the success of our weight loss plan in helping people achieve significant weight reduction. We find most patients achieve the weight loss they desire if they change their lifestyle to include regular aerobic exercise and a healthy low-fat diet which includes fruits and vegetables.

We like to describe the BeLite weight loss plan as being like a stool with three legs: diet, exercise and medication. All  three components of the weight loss plan must be worked on in order for you to achieve your weight loss goal. Your doctor can adjust the medication so as to effectively curb your appetite, thereby making it easier to stick to the diet, but only you do the exercise and comply with the diet. Thus, your commitment to losing weight will be critical to your success.

The BeLite weight loss plan emphasizes developing a healthy life style which includes a well balanced, nutritious eating plan and regular aerobic exercise. The diet plan utilized by our center is similar to plans used by Weight Watchers or the American Heart Association. These are eating plans which you can easily live with after you lose your weight, making it easier to maintain your weight at its optimal level. We find that once patients adopt their new life style, they maintain their desired body weight for extended periods after leaving the program. Although we do not advocate the long-term continuous use of medication for weight management, we find that some patients maintain their desired weight with the intermittent use of medication in conjunction with a proper eating plan and exercise.

The recommended eating guidelines with the BeLite weight loss plan are described simply as 3, 3 and 3: three meals a day, three fruits a day and three vegetables a day. Eating plans include normal food. The purpose of our program is to teach you good eating habits and to help you lose weight. You are not allowed to go on a starvation diet, a liquid protein diet or a live-on-powder diet. It is important that you eat several times every day using the guidelines below:

  • You do not exceed 1200 calories a day.
  • Less than 20% of the calories come from fat.
  • About 40% of the calories come from protein.
  • About 40% of the calories come from carbohydrate.
  • You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.